Life in a village is different. More intimate. More neighborly. More complete. That is exactly what you will find at Killian’s Crossing, a 400-acre retail, residential and commercial development situated less than 15 minutes from downtown Columbia. Ideally located along Clemson Road — the easily accessed gateway to rapidly growing Northeast Columbia — this community boasts all the amenities associated with a village, including access to the natural environment, a thoughtful mix of land uses, pedestrian- friendly spaces, a variety of housing choices, and a respect for time-honored traditions.

In fact, Killian’s Crossing has been designed to make the most of exceptional green spaces. Nearly 85 acres of Killian’s Crossing is dedicated to open, green areas. At its core is a large, central park, which includes 50 acres of preserved, natural space. A charming lake opens the doors to abundant recreational possibilities. The town center will feature a bustling main street, complete with boutiques, specialty shops, restaurants, cafés, apartments and a movie theater. Storefront parking, fountains and outdoor seating will create an environment ideal for leisurely visits and casual browsing. And a village green, at the heart of the main street, will serve as a gathering spot for summer concerts, performances, picnics, and more.

Most interesting? No destination on the property is more than a 10-minute walk from the town center.